Small Business Spotlight: Candl Company!

Hi everyone, long time no see! I have a very special blog post for you today and it’s another Small Business Spotlight! Today’s post is about someone that I’ve followed for a while now on social media and he makes the coolest CANdles *wink* *wink* Hope you enjoy today’s post and remember to shop small. Happy reading! 

Meet the Owner!

His name is Trevor! He was born and raised on the Central Coast California… ah I miss California… anyways. He’s currently attending California Polytechnic University, studying industrial engineering, and he’s graduating this June! Trevor isn’t the kind of person who wants to fall into a 9-5 job after college, so when the pandemic hit he had some time to think about what he wanted to make for himself. He had always loved participating in beach cleanups and had a deep passion for sustainability. Trevor started thinking about a candle business, but he knew that field was competitive and that he needed to get creative. One day in December of 2020, it hit him… CANdles! That’s right the candle holders are aluminum cans. He completely transformed his room into a candle making facility. Trevor told me that although it’s been a challenge being a full-time engineering student, while running a small business, it’s been a great success and so much fun! He started out selling locally to people he knew and eventually he started using Etsy as his selling platform. Etsy is a great place to buy and sell products from because they offset carbon emissions for every order.

What makes Candl Company sustainable?

Trevor creates candles out of aluminum cans, how cool is that?! He has upcycled over 1500 cans and is helping others bring down their carbon footprint by turning their trash into awesome products. He gets the cans donated to him by his community. He either gets cans dropped off or people leave them out for him to pick up! While shipping candles, Trevor wanted to keep it as sustainable as possible. He has to make sure his products stay nice and sturdy inside that cardboard box. Friends and family donate their bubble wrap and other shipping supplies that they get in packages, so his candles can arrive at their destination safely! Everyone should reuse shipping supplies like that! The candles are also made of soy wax instead of paraffin wax. As I’ve been looking more into sustainability, I’ve learned a lot about soy candles. Soy candle wax is considered biodegradable because it’s made from soybeans. Unlike paraffin candle wax that is made from petroleum, which is a byproduct of gasoline and is not renewable or safe for us to breathe. Yay for soy wax instead!

What I got!

I was so excited to finally put an order in after following along with Candl Company! I got two 12oz cans with the scents coconut cream pie and tropical citrus. I love both of them and they smell AMAZING! During the holidays, he offers seasonal scents as well. There’s over 50 cans to choose from and he accepts custom orders too! You can find your favorite drink turned into a candle holder on Candl Company’s Etsy shop that is linked right here! I highly recommend you go follow Candl Company on TikTok and Instagram if you want to learn more because what Trevor is doing for himself and the planet is awesome! 

Here is a link to all of Candl Company’s platforms!

I really hope you enjoyed today’s post! Special thank you to Trevor for letting me write about his awesome sustainable small business this week. Please go check it out and support him. It’s not everyday that people want to put the planet over profit! Thanks everyone, have a great rest of your day!! 

Love, Maija. 

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